Death is an inevitable end for mankind so every one will die one day. Each nation in earth has a different burial tradition to bury the dead bodies so all cultures have various styles of graves and gravestones. www.turkeygravestones.com aims to give you the detailed information about Turkish burial systems showing the pre-islamic, Seljuk, Ottoman and  at Australian forex brokers.  Anyone who may visit this web site will  also see cmtrading bonus  graves, sarcophagus, tombstones, graveyards and cemeteries. We kindly invite you to have  a look at what we have done.

Death is an inevitable end for mankind. How natural is subject to birth so death is the normal and natural . Birth makes us happy  but death makes upset. Turkish people never  cut their relations with dead people who are buried in a grave and they always live with the dead people so the graveyards and cemeteries are located inside the towns, in public squares, in mosques’ backyards, in the road sides and in the down towns.  When the dead person is put in a tomb, two stones are planted according to the Turkish traditions,  one at the head and the other at the footstep. When people die  , or in other words  when they are born into eternity,  is buried in a pit that we call grave. The visited place is called  “ kabir “ in Turkish language that means tomb. Turkey is a special country which is full of endengared gravetones showing  all kinds of the tombs with unique epitaphs, symbols, calligraphy, inscriptions and so on from the beginning of the history and so far.
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